BIOAGRO Energy™ – From residue to revenue

BIOAGRO Energy™ is a production facility that turns dry agricultural residues into a pelletized fuel and provides district heat supply to the local area. Low-density agricultural residues and by-products are at present an economic burden on the local farmer and grain trader as well as an environmental hazard.
The system replaces the use of oil and electricity for heating with a renewable alternative.
The ash produced can be returned as nutrient to the field.

The BIOAGRO Energy facility was the result of a project targeted towards developing and implementing an innovative method to reduce greenhouse gas output from the agricultural sector. The project involved the seed industry, combustion technology industry and academia. It resulted in a complete facility for agricultural waste reduction, renewable energy supply, carbon neutral fuel production, as well as a demonstration system.
It was realized by the two project partners – the seed company Skånefrö AB and the combustion technology company HOTAB, Sweden. It was co-funded by the EU LIFE Environment Programme under grant number LIFE/ENV/000517 at a total budget of 5.2 million EURO.

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The BIOAGRO Energy facility.

The BIAOGRO process – a closed-loop cradle-to-cradle system

The state-of-the-art combustion systems developed by HOTAB.