Pellet Production and Sales

The BIOAGRO Energy system is a production facility for a new type of fuel – the BIOAGROpellet™ – with a balanced composition to increase combustion performance. This is achieved by blending biomass fractions with environmentally friendly additives to create an upgraded agrofuel with a more sustainable energy balance and better ash and emission characteristics.

Using the current BIOAGRO Energy production facility, users can either purchase pellets at a very competitive price or rent production capacity at the plant.


Mixtures of additives together with seed waste produces a homogenous, cost effective fuel with low environmental impact – The Bioagropellet.


Specific additive and biomass mixes turned into pellets make sure the ash problems and acid emissions are lower


The Bioagropellets(tm) are delivered to the customer via bulk transport. The nearest industry shipping harbour is 30 minutes away.