Bioagro Pellet Development Platform

Unparalleled R&D capability: The current BIOAGRO Energy System provides a pilot and a large-scale facility for test, development, demonstration and research. Being a research facility it can handle everything from agricultural residues to ashes.

“I am very impressed by the BIOAGRO Energy production facility.”
 – Björn Kjellström Prof. Emeritus Energy Systems KTH

Using 13 different silos and 4 micro containers, the variation potential for producing blended agropellets is virtually limitless. Afterwards, the system is tracking the combustion performance to provide end-to-end R&D capacity. IMG_2434
Large-scale capacity of 3 tonnes per hour for industrial development.

The smaller pilot-plant handles a production capacity of 300 kg/hour for small-scale pelleting research and development. The large-scale system has a throughput of 3 tonnes per hour and three dies for various feedstock quality and density. The system has full traceability from silo to formula to combustion parameters.IMG_3693
The combustion can be followed throughout the process. The parameters are traced and stored for your research use.

The BIOAGRO Energy research facility is equipped with a state-of-the–art informatics system to link the pellet formulas to the specific combustion parameters. This is now available for university researchers as well as commercial R&D. All data is owned by the researcher and handled under full confidentiality. 

Sampling can be done in the industry-scale system

Collaboration with universities has been carried out throughout the development of the BIOAGRO Energy system.

All combustion parameters can be easliy stored and related to the specific pellet formulas.

Additives of your choice can be used for verifying your specific development hypotheses.

Ash is collected and can be sampled at all times.