The BIOAGRO Energy™ System Solution

The production at the BIOAGRO facility is now run at an industrial scale which enables Skånefrö AB to enjoy 100% fossil fuel free heating with minimized acid emissions and a 100% reduction of waste from the seed screening operations. During the project, additives have been found that are by-products in themselves. Furthermore, several organisations and companies have already indicated that they will deliver their special biomass residues to the BIOAGRO production facility. This, along with the attention from over 40 countries, shows that the sector for residue-based agricultural energy production is just beginning to take off. We have taken a first step towards a sustainable renewable source of energy.

Now your organization can do the same

The entire production facility is now available to be replicated at your specific premises. The BIOAGRO Energy System Solution is a complete concept that includes the necessary combination of hardware, intellectual property and know-how licensing:

  • Consultancy services from the BIOAGRO Group
  • White Paper with condensed know-how
  • BIOAGRO Pellet Fuel Formulas © Ecoera
  • Hardware supply

Using tried and tested BIOAGRO experience, we can provide services to facilitate assessment of your specific needs. Together we can design a sustainable agro-residue BIOAGRO Energy production facility according to your specific requirements.
Contact us for a discussion around a pre-study and BIOAGRO Energy assessment of your unique situation.